Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What is Pumalogy? IDENTITY. 1/3

The image above is the Pumalogy concept distilled into symbolic representation. That image is the core symbol for the idea we both create.

What is Pumalogy? Pumalogy is an identity, a concept laboratory and an execution facilitator. In other words it is "le nom de plume" of the media I produce.




Why is it a cat? The identity of my work is a mythological creature that is both an inner guide as well as a symbol of strength. Pumalogy is the infusion of Tibetan Dzogchen (Snow Leopard) into a Spirit Animal (Mountain Lion) in the shape of a ghost walker. It embodies feline traits who's home is the mountain landscape and the snow it's friend. This nature is the personal myth from which I draw power and inspiration.

Pumalogy is a dialogue with the Great Spirit through an ecology of ideas that interacts with the world in the language of images.

Pumalogy is the brand of my artistic identity.

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