Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spacial exploration with Lama Surya Das

Have a look at my original spacial exploration. Space in Between is a metaphor for the place in between time. A place where your physical body cannot reach, and yet it is a space you both surround and penetrate.

I used the newest complex at the Evergreen State College to represent where your body stops and your identity continues. Here, the buildings are interconnected with a plethora of bridges. The reason for this construction is to allow an efficient amount of natural light into the web like structure. I loved the idea so much that I began shooting it from all angles only to notice the difficulty of representing space.

To get inside the spaces in between, we used rigging's, ropes and hung cameras to float through the emptiness between the buildings. That space is the space in between. Mixing the teachings of Lama Surya Das, Ken Wilber and others to original piano recordings I created the audio foundation for the message I declared; You identity goes beyond the physical barriers.

It was important for me to create a sense of barrier and then break it. Please enjoy the Space In Between.


  1. (Lama) Surya Das is Tibetan Buddhism's bad-boy! This guy is a one man army of bad press for all BUDDHISTS! He's married, has sex w/his female students, begins the affairs while on retreat, dates other women while he's at it and when the Dzogchen Board Members and the 3 Associate teachers working under Das find out he throws a fit like a 2-year old and they ALL RESIGN! This guy lost 75% of his sangha as well... now he's on Facebook and Twitter drumming up business w/his new girlfriend, ome hippy doctor in Laguna Beach, CA, who's married! If you mention his name around a Tibetan born Dharma teacher, they'll either ignore you or they make a sour face... sorry to say we tried to tell his sangha many times that he was a fake but they had to learn for themselves and now they ignore him too! He's known as a "player"and its the same old story, sex and money!

  2. Now that seems you have strong feeling towards a mere human. I imagine that in his position, as you would expect a teacher in a leadership role, your action become more of a responsibility.

    But Lama Surya Das is a human. And while I cannot attest to the claims you make, he is an inspiration to me in his writings. I also do not worship a man but the Great Spirit. I believe this Spirit speaks through all of us how ever flawed we are.

    I do appreciate you sharing your feelings and am honored you have found my blog. Further more I would like your feed back on the "Space-In Between" that is about space as a concept.