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What is Pumalogy? EXPLORATION part 2/3

What is Pumalogy? Pumalogy is an identity, a concept laboratory and an execution facilitator. In other words it is "le nom de plume" of the media I produce.




The Pumalogy laboratory is a concept kitchen of the Pumalogy media. The notion of a concept kitchen is a term coined by Pipilotti Rist, who orchestrated the erection of the cloud island during the Swiss Expo of 2006. it implies an experimentation with culture to produce amazing materials. The laboratory is basically the Pumalogy artistic process.

Exploration has always passionately driven me into the direction of my dreams, often bearing the weight of wild adventures. The path is well worth it because the gems experienced and found along the way are beyond the possibility of explaining!

Paradoxically sharing passion is what informs the methodology of Pumalogy. I seek to communicate the passion I experience and inspire audiences to imagine new worlds.

Physically I am connected to the mountain landscape. Today Pumalogy is expedition ready with both serious alpine accomplishments coupled with deep field film-making experience. I have hauled professional equipment and shot film from central Asian Siberia to the Summit of 6000m peaks. I also have guided on serious alpine terrain while navigating avalanche hazard for the pleasure of backcountry turns. It is the reason we climb and what we witness while exploring that informs the Pumalogy process.

The Backcountry

In the urban context the Pumalogy operation reflects my outdoor background. The production has a light foot print. It is green, mobile, and discrete, while offering an uncompromising production value. The Pumalogy production model is futuristic and clean. The image I study in the city is like a western landscape because I am interested in people and space. Architecture is an example of an intentional dynamic between these properties. And when I turn to mindscapes, in interviews, I want to know about the connection of individuals and place. This process allows me to investigate my connection to where I stand and gives Pumalogy depth, perhaps meaning.

The City

I was born between cultures and into the backcountry. I have explored regions and traditions throughout the world and spent many years navigating different mountain ranges. Pumalogy is a result of this background, and at its birth in academia developed into an integrated conscious search.

Exploration is a passion at the foundation of Pumalogy. But Pumalogy is much more than adventure media. Pumalogy is expedition ready but driven by the outcome of reportage style photojournalism. Pumalogy searches for a story, while experimenting with ideas to produce stunning multi-media environments. The exploration reflected, is as inward as outward.


Pumalogy is an expedition ready dialogue facilitator that produces media influenced stylistically by focused experimentation.

In laboratory fashion the process is rigorous and the outcome unknown. The result is a series of gems that connect with the audience. Pumalogy photography and film, offer enlightening new ways of seeing the same environment and to borrow from Nicholas Roerich's search, is a messenger of beauty.

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What is Pumalogy? IDENTITY. 1/3

The image above is the Pumalogy concept distilled into symbolic representation. That image is the core symbol for the idea we both create.

What is Pumalogy? Pumalogy is an identity, a concept laboratory and an execution facilitator. In other words it is "le nom de plume" of the media I produce.




Why is it a cat? The identity of my work is a mythological creature that is both an inner guide as well as a symbol of strength. Pumalogy is the infusion of Tibetan Dzogchen (Snow Leopard) into a Spirit Animal (Mountain Lion) in the shape of a ghost walker. It embodies feline traits who's home is the mountain landscape and the snow it's friend. This nature is the personal myth from which I draw power and inspiration.

Pumalogy is a dialogue with the Great Spirit through an ecology of ideas that interacts with the world in the language of images.

Pumalogy is the brand of my artistic identity.

Sacred Stone

When you dip a bucket, retrieving liquid gold from the desert well, inspiration flows into every cell like a sound wave penetrating the heart. Mythology and classical art meet at the Metropolitan well, an oasis on an island deserted by the soul. The dragon living under it's belly (in the groin of Manhattan) breathes flames into vertical shafts and it is a marble figure who balances the ego with the whole.

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Spacial exploration with Lama Surya Das

Have a look at my original spacial exploration. Space in Between is a metaphor for the place in between time. A place where your physical body cannot reach, and yet it is a space you both surround and penetrate.

I used the newest complex at the Evergreen State College to represent where your body stops and your identity continues. Here, the buildings are interconnected with a plethora of bridges. The reason for this construction is to allow an efficient amount of natural light into the web like structure. I loved the idea so much that I began shooting it from all angles only to notice the difficulty of representing space.

To get inside the spaces in between, we used rigging's, ropes and hung cameras to float through the emptiness between the buildings. That space is the space in between. Mixing the teachings of Lama Surya Das, Ken Wilber and others to original piano recordings I created the audio foundation for the message I declared; You identity goes beyond the physical barriers.

It was important for me to create a sense of barrier and then break it. Please enjoy the Space In Between.

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Fashion Sequence

I am fascinated with the relation between stills and movement. I think of film and video in terms of stills and in turn I look at stills as a story in time.

One of my favorite tools is always in my pocket and with the help of the "Quad Camera App." by Takayuki Fukatsu I look for compelling sequences to add motion to my photographs.

I call this set "NYC Fashion Faces".

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Brooklyn Bridge Sunrise

I am gathering a collection of time-lapses centered around the urban flow of water. The bridges are my starting point, and with a mix from DJ Girl Talk I begin with the most iconic symbol of the Boroughs; The Brooklyn Bridge.

I will post a W.I.P.(work in progress), a montage every week or two to make keep my juices flowing. The final piece is a New York Flow and a secret.

David Dietzgen, the human behind the concept


Welcome to "BKLYN; Urban Pumalogy"!

Enjoy the digital log of David Dietzgen's séjour in the Big Apple. Based out of Brooklyn follow Pumalogy on a photography and film urban journey.