Monday, May 31, 2010

Denali Ranger Rescue Team

I am writing from the NPS warehouse. The time is now, 10 00am, and we are ready to fly. The enormous green truck is loaded with tons of food, points (skis) and gear. It will take it's diesel butt to the airport and if we are lucky dump us at the Kahiltna Airport (The glacier). I can't say I am not stoked. I am 32 and by far the youngest on the best climbing team I have ever been on. Ah being young is nice.
The NPS is where it is at. The gov has a wild amount of resources, we get our own truck for example. And the facilities are humble but complete. The chopper, a Eurocopter Astar 2 000 000$, then you add the pilot and mechanic. This piece of equipment is utilized daily between regular standby time due to constant weather. In other words the bird is part of the process, and lives on the logo which incidentally is on our issued jacket.
Because we are sweet clients our plan is to acclimate for 6 days as we head up to 14 000 camp, possibly hitting up the Kahiltna (BuilDE) Dome and crizzleing the lower Buttress and doing tons of crevasse rescue technique. Then we hit what the Euro's call Med camp, 14', where we will train, mission around and attempt to summit via different routes. In the past a whole team has been flown to different parts of the range and every thing has seemed to have happened up here.

Photos are no problems, and Aaron the physician and I stated our shooting agenda clearly. We will share pics and try to get published. Next year I am bringing the big dog. And I am glad to discreetly have the minimalist set up this year to scope and establish connections.

Our job is about to become real with extreme consequences both physically and mentally but we have all earned our position on Denali. We sit at the cutting edge of Expedition Medicine, with ongoing, on-site research and together can get people out of some of the most demanding location on earth.

I am super grateful for this opportunity and thank the Gods for the path and am staged as a sponge ready to learn and adsorb everything. Thing like this make everything make sense. Merci!!!

Let there be a weather window so that we can be dropped in. It's show time Party People.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My People

My people soak up sadness like pines stealing moisture. Ah moisture, a dangerous element that gives birth to deserts. It does so in absence, and in presence. Have you ever seen a green desert?
My people stand guard before the clouds who sweep through.
My people where old, now they are young. Forever Young said the logger. But you will see them here and there. The full blown ecology of old has characters that started growing before Jesus.
My people are here.

Rain Forest Training

Mackinaw Shelter

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Self-Portrait of the Enchantments traverse

Coldchuck Lake

Escaping trouble and the elevation, traversing the "Enchantments" (A F*%king Gem!)

Sometimes you are over it. But "it" is not over you yet. Snow lakes 6 miles to go.

North-West training

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nouvel Horizon

The most unpredictable unfoldings are often the best in life. Don't you think?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hallway to the past, a Mexicain girl.

At my grandfather's old house, my favorite room is the bathroom where light floods through the skylight. The photography of Alana above the claw-foot bathtub is one of my earliest fascinations with the image. The photograph has a quality that captures the light; transforming it into a slight fade that bleeds time. Or perhaps it breathes timelessness?