Friday, May 27, 2011

(ak) 2011

I am so stoked, I could explode. I will be bringing the spirit of our little zoo animal with me. This is all the equipment that will fit in a back pack and on a sled. (ak 2011) Notice the nuggets, like 2 passports and more.... CH, VD

AK T-2


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mammut Gear Check

There are many miniature application out there! And I find alot of them clever, rarely using most and I certainly will not live without a rare few. But please don't interpret this post as a gear review. Because to me gear is just a bunch of stuff I love too much. Instead, indulge in my mentioning of this surprising product.
The Mammut Gear Check App is sweet! Especially for me, who has been known to omit an item or two from my pack. I am, also, too used to packing to actually make my own list. And, I'd forget sh*t on it anyway. So what I thought would be a gadget, is in fact a sweet "pilot's check list" for mountaineering!

The list is complete, thorough and accurate. You can customize it to your specific climb, and shave off what you beleive to be excessive. I have not tried the team sharing thing, but I can easily view what I don't have check and assign responsibility for various team gear.

The bottom line is that I am getting ready for another Denali expedition and have already countless Rainier Trips scheduled. With this awesome check-list, I will never again forget my floss or climbing boot :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big Hearted Little Fuzzy One. Safe Journeys Riley.

Peace Laurate

Apple Wizz, Feline Blogger

Determined Outdoorsman

Cape Cod Socialite

A Pillow of Love

Tote Enthusiate

Bird Watcher and Sampler

Sunshine Expert

Belly Wizzard, almost became a Hat.

Pacific Northwest Totem Animal

Expert Snoozer

Smiling Kaboozle

Asian Leopard Ancestors

Teacher, Friend, Anoying Shitzenbitzen, Amazing Creature,
Inter-specie Communicator,
Loving Beast, Leopard, Traveling Cat,
Healer, We will miss so much.
We loved having you around,
you brought us tons of joy.
Have a safe journey, we are always with you.
Love David and Anne.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mountain essence in simple words

It is a rare day between or above a weather system. A time at odds with data, confirming the reality of possibility. Today we are climbing, but unbeknownst to ourselves at the time we did not proceed to the summit, but instead we met an extraordinary character. Perched on a ledge he had an appointment with death. And death, this old man, dressed in different suits depending on the occasion, met us. He stayed a while bid us farewell and until next time. We all have an appointment. We want to forget, but it is good not to.

Words, simple shelter of the interfacing mind, go beyond meaning, words shift ideas into shapes,
Because reality is too difficult, too abstract for meaning. Pain is real, it makes beauty possible. Reality is a breath; in and out.