Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big Hearted Little Fuzzy One. Safe Journeys Riley.

Peace Laurate

Apple Wizz, Feline Blogger

Determined Outdoorsman

Cape Cod Socialite

A Pillow of Love

Tote Enthusiate

Bird Watcher and Sampler

Sunshine Expert

Belly Wizzard, almost became a Hat.

Pacific Northwest Totem Animal

Expert Snoozer

Smiling Kaboozle

Asian Leopard Ancestors

Teacher, Friend, Anoying Shitzenbitzen, Amazing Creature,
Inter-specie Communicator,
Loving Beast, Leopard, Traveling Cat,
Healer, We will miss so much.
We loved having you around,
you brought us tons of joy.
Have a safe journey, we are always with you.
Love David and Anne.


  1. Your time with us was too short lovable lap leopard. But I trust your bohemian life was rich and filled with love and care. And you so enriched our lives with your feline grace. Sweet jungle dreams beloved Riley.
    We will all miss you.
    - Brita & Tony

  2. Through the many descriptions of love and appreciation from Anne.. Riley-talk meiows in background when coming into the house and in background when I'd call, Anne answering in kind "Hi, hi!" disrupting our conversation, I got to "know" and tune into this "little person with big personality". I miss him, too! Sorry I didn't get a cuddle..

    Love from Grandma xx