Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Subaru's last mission

I will have to write a short story about the life of my Subaru. She has seen many friends and places. She has gone across the country twice, romped down dirt roads at 70 mph, and even got stuck in the snow in Massachusetts and in the Olympics in Washington. But this beast, starting her life in Tahoe, tearing through empty Alpine Meadows parking lots at night, on major storm days, showed what she had; an appetite for snow.

While her recent trip to the Wallowa's in Eastern Oregon was not her last mission, at 282 000 miles it is one of her last hurrah's! She headed into the storm, hung out at a yurt in feet of powder then trekked up a gnarly dirt road covered in fresh snow to get us into one of the most remote regions of Backcountry Skiing. She got us out, and back to PDX.
She has been good to me. Thank you!

Filling up at the retro station in La Grande, Oregon.

CH stands for Confederation Helvetia, a club of sorts among knowers. And of course the WMI logo, a brand for the outdoor educator, a validation of the ramblin' life. If you look carefully you will see a Welsh Dragon, and the "EARTH ART" MOMA bumper sticker. Finally to sum up her identity she bears California plates, from New York City to Wallowa County; never not CA.