Thursday, August 26, 2010


I usually only feature my work. Not because it is better but that this is a Pumalogy venue rather then an amalgam of random images. But rules are sometimes broken and the following visual piece is truly inspiring! I you are pursuing your dream, and have doubt, this piece will revitalize your soul. Thanks you Mickey Smith for creating "The Dark Side Of The Lens".

I believe in the pursuit of the soul, and it is a difficult endeavor at times. But I would never trade it in for anything. The "dark side of the lens" is why. On a more intellectual note, this short film symbolize the beginning of something new. Profound though, amazing images and adventure sports come together. You can't even call it extreme sports or adventure, rather they are a practice. It is a practice in the zen sense that involves a dance with the elements. And when great meaning gets expressed in the most artful way you have a stunning inspiration.

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