Friday, August 20, 2010

Inside and out.

I delved into my archives because I am working with a film crew from New York City. I love New Yorkers, they are smart funny and not too caught up on looks. Even when you're shooting a fashion event. It is more about the art. There is an ephemeral culture that bleeds in between each other. I'd say consciousness is shared, blurring the concrete boundaries we have defined for our bodies. For example if your group of friends and coworkers have a certain world view, let's say they love Sarah Palin, you might adopt some conservative ideas where the sphere of your awareness crosses over with others. And in a very dense city you are constantly close and near the most creative ideas. So much so that your taste is acute but you take it for granted. Because you don't see it as separate. That's why when you go to a small town art is shitty, and when you work with New Yorkers you feel a rush of hurried and cutting energy.

Here are some spaces from before, inside and out.

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