Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Bridges

I love Bridges, which is awesome because I live in the city of bridges. The imagery is almost cliche and I refuse to cave in to neohipsterness of entropy, but instead embrace the unimaginable bliss of being around when three new bridges are being put in.

Pumalogy began as an art concept brewing mediatic ideas in a mountain kitchen at the base of a remote sacred volcano. The concept morphing like a caterpillar, got experience from NYC, and then went back to the West Coast because that is where wild hearts lay.

So the cat gears are turning at the base the new Home Dome, the Volcano called Hood, and three new bridges will span PDX's map. Many more are crossing the mind gap. Of course there are professional pursuits that take up some of the time here but, a project is in the works.

I can't wait to put bridges side by side, from nothingness to access and once it is done. It will be there. Now is the time.

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