Thursday, April 1, 2010

Road Blog

I like having media to accompany my entries. Because I am inclined towards platforms of interactive media. A place where on can post a style, like your personal mug, only it is more of a tea pot. Sometimes there are only thoughts to share; Pouring ideas into many cups.

I am writing from a cross roads in the Pumalogy path. I recently updated my letter head featuring the lion logo and the saying expedition photography. It sets the stage for what the brand is. I am not talking about a usual brand like the recognition of a product but a signature of sorts. The lion logo is a wooden stamp, a seal to an open letter. I have already posted two of the three essential ideas behind Pumalogy;


Have a look through the past entries and see. The last one, execution, is on my mind and is about to come out.

I collect images as painter would paint and conjure up experiments to execute. I am a photojournalist on a constant journey of exploration, and have collected over two thousand black and white photos I shot during my sejour in New York City. This is the result of a years worth of shooting almost every image that compelled me. This project is aside from assignments and focused photography where the images is the focus, no, here the image is not.

It is the myriad of moments that can only be captured in time.

Pumalogy is at a cross-road because no matter what there will be movement, and these iconic snap shots are about to become a memory, a project and a piece to be shown else where.

The idea is simple, to create an image, a drawn image, made up of the bits of memory captured in the city. I will make a photo mosaic. What is wild in its implications is the consequences of memory collected and the decisions that preceded their movement.

I'll let you interpret that, for now I am reporting from a crafted rocking chair, looking out onto Vermont at the Highway Welcome center. I think it is symbolic of Pumalogy to write from the road. A first, but probably not a last.

I am headed to Mount Washington, a classic NH peak, to join my friends for some backcountry skiing.

In the end Pumalogy is an outdoor brand.

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